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Node tapoHdr not found in POP Transaction type. The element node is required for this transaction type

Rebecca asked 4 years ago
Am attempting to build a purchase order map to edit item numbers for existing purchase orders. The mapping is failing and I keep getting this error ” Node tapoHdr not found in POP Transaction type”. I have tried to play around with Key fields as suggested by previous users without much luck. The source and destination map are as show below.
Data Source: Bulk Data Load
Data Source: Excel 2010
Key Field Item No
Destination type: MS Dynamics GP
Group: Purchase Order Processing
Node type: Purchase Orders
Mapping: Create/update item
Group: Grouped based on item number
Could someone point out what am missing in the mapping.
Thanks in Advance
Ethan Sorenson Staff replied 4 years ago


Are you only mapping the ‘Create/update item’ node? Whenever you are mapping a transaction to GP, you are required to include the header. So even if the POPHdr has not changed, you sill still need to map it so it can be sent with the item change.

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