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Node elements out of order – taPMTransactionInsert

Jake S. asked 5 years ago
I’m importing Payables invoices, and am getting a lot of error 313 – Tax detail table does not match tax amount for taPMTransactionInsert.
When I compare the XML files for documents that work with documents that error the only difference I see is that the elements are out of order.
If Tax amount is first, the document works and is imported if document amount is first, I get the error.
So, I have two questions:
1. How did this happen and why is it causing the error?
2. More importantly, how do I fix it and make sure it doesn’t happen again?
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 5 years ago
On the SmartConnect Map, when you expand the destination, it displays the nodes that are available for mapping. On the left hand side of the window above those nodes, is label that says Available. If you click that label, it will change to Mapped and only display those nodes that are currently mapped. On the right hand side of the window, above the nodes, there are arrows allowing users to move the nodes around.
The issue you ran into, is that Dynamics GP eConnect has to process those nodes in an exact order. The reason we allow for moving the node order is because you can duplicate nodes, add your own customer nodes and add Extender nodes. Those may need to process within the Dynamics GP process so they have to be moved.
There isn’t a way to prevent a user from moving the order other than arm them with the knowledge of keeping the Dynamics GP default nodes in the correct order. The Microsoft eConnect documentation has the default order of the nodes.
Lewis C. replied 5 years ago

I’m receiving the same error and changing the order of the nodes does not resolve the issue. Is there a sample import for adding sales tax to payables management that is available? that could help me with researching this issue

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