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No Fields to Map with Stored Procedure Destination asked 10 years ago
I just upgraded to SmartConnect and am getting going on a new map which requires the use of aStored Procedure as a destination.  I've done these successfully before and have an int (@ErrorNumber) and varchar(255) (@ErrorDescription) output parameters in my sproc.  I start building my map, select my destination sproc without any errors and then jump into the map window to finish it off, but there are no source OR destination fields displayed in the mapping window.

I clicked everything to see if I could reset the window and get the fields to show up but I could only get the source fields to appear by clicking the option to Display Technical Names for my destination fields.  But I couldn't get the destination fields to appear no matter what I did. 

I rebuilt my map from scratch a couple times, but got the same behavior each time.

Do you have any suggestions?

Best Answer
Ruaan Jonker answered 10 years ago
Hi Marc,

We have replicated this issue and a fix should be loaded on our website by the close of business day in Australia today.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ruaan Jonker replied 10 years ago

Thanks a lot guys.  I'll keep my eyes open for it.

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