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Next Sales Document Number

kjjson asked 8 years ago
we have a smartconnect integration that we use regularly, but when we tried to run it today, all of the records error with "Error in 'MsGpDestination'. Line 'taSopLineIvcInsert'. Parameter 'Sales Document number'. Parameter set value event. Could not get next number for Sales document number : Could not retrieve the next number in the sequence."  I have verified that the E1_SC_GetNextNumber procedure exists.  We are using the GP Rolling Column for Sales Order Processing for the Sales Document Number.  If I change that to a customer rolling number, the records integrate fine, but we want it to use the GP number.  Any ideas?  Thanks.
Best Answer
lorren answered 8 years ago
It does some odd that it would stop being able to use that procedure unless user rights were changed on that procedure for the eConnect Service user.

You could try to run System Maintenance within SmartConnect to have it recreated in each Dynamics GP company. If that does not work, make sure the user assigned to the eConnect service is a user in SQL and is a member of the DYNGRP group for each Dynamics GP company.
Dominic replied 5 years ago

I’m having the same issue but for specific users. the admin user works but for others it’s not working. Note that this happens since a migration.

I ran the system maintenance.

what would make one user work but not for another?

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