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next payment number

John asked 9 years ago
We are creating a payables trx map and are including credit card payments.  Where can we find the GP rolling column for next payment number that is used for the credit card payment?Thanks
Best Answer
Hanson answered 9 years ago

There isn't an available GP procedure for us to create a rolling column off of. So you either have to use a custom rolling column in place of that to make your own number, or set up a sql script that grabs the next number from the table for you within the map and increments it for each record.

Jaliyaj replied 9 years ago

GP does have a next payment number stored procedure. For example,

DECLARE @I_vInc_Dec tinyint
DECLARE @O_iPMNPYNBR varchar(21)
DECLARE @O_iErrorState int
— TODO: Set parameter values here.
set @I_vInc_Dec =1
EXECUTE @RC = [taGetPMNextPaymentNumber] 
  ,@O_iErrorState OUTPUT
select @O_iPMNPYNBR as PMNextPaymentNumber

I had to script this out myself but I would much prefer SC do it for me

Can we add it as a feature request for the next release

Chris answered 9 years ago
Yes we can add it in as another option for the future, most likely will not be in the next release though as that will be coming out shortly. I believe in the next release they are adding field service, project, and bank rec rolling column/next number options – so they are actively adding in new ones.

Moreen replied 8 years ago

Did this ever get added to any of the versions?

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