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New Location for Web Services

johnellis asked 8 years ago
Hello: I have “moved” the SmartConnect Web Services URL from a Terminal Server that has been taken out of the user environment to a new Terminal Server. It’s working fine. But, the Setup section of SmartConnect will not save the new location when I type it in–either on the Web Services tab or on the main setup tab. Is there somewhere in the registry that I need to go to, in order to edit these settings? Thanks! John
Best Answer
Lorren answered 8 years ago

There is an issue with those values being saved properly.  I will send you a SQL script to update the proper SmartConnect tables with that URL.

johnellis replied 8 years ago

Thank you, Lorren!


JosephMarkovich replied 8 years ago

Hi Lorren-

Could you please send this script to me too?

Thank you.


lorren replied 8 years ago


Send me your email address to

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