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New Inventory Items

Kelly asked 10 months ago
We are looking to upload new inventory items to save the Warehouse Techs time instead of manually entering each one.
Got everything set up, but when I run the mapping, an error –
Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint ‘pkIVItem’. Cannot insert duplicate key value is (1254). The statement has been terminated.
What am I missing?  I don’t see an IVItem in the fields to be matched…
Patrick Roth Staff answered 10 months ago
I’m not sure what product the table IVItem belongs to – I don’t have one in my GP installs.  However eConnect doesn’t know about this table either so this suggests that the application likely has a SQL Db trigger on a GP table that you are integrating to.
Or this is the table YOU are integrating to and you are getting a duplicate.
You’d have to look at the table to determine how data is getting into it – again maybe a GP SQL DB trigger – and review to see why you get that duplicate.

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