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New Company in Existing Environment

Renee asked 7 years ago
We created a new GP company in an existing environment.  Do we need to do anything in the new company to deploy any SLB tables/stored procedures in this new company database?
This client also uses Extender and SmartConnect so I suppose the same question applies, but let me know if I need to open two additional threads on the forum under each of those respective products. 
Thank you!
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
You only need to log into the new company as the sa or DYNSA user.  SLB/Extender checks the objects on each login and would create them if logged in as those users.
Renee replied 7 years ago

Hi Patrick. Thank you for the reply. That was how I thought it worked. However, I see the EXT40102 table in all company databases except the new one I created. Is that an old table that is no longer used with SLB and thus no longer created in new databases?

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