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Need UserID as a key field

Bill Cummings asked 7 years ago
is there a way to get the UserID as a key field in an extender window?
Mark Anderson Staff replied 7 years ago

You would need to have Enterprise Edition of Extender and write code to set the User ID to the User ID logged into the system. I have added a suggestion to our development team to add this as an option in a future release.

Bill Cummings replied 7 years ago

We have extender enterprise. So would code present the userid as a key? I’m not seeing any example of this in the documentation or videos…

Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
No, you can only pick fields that are on the window itself.
But actually I don’t know why you would want this feature?
If you were able to choose the user id as a key, then that would mean that if I entered information into the Extender window and then you did the same thing – you wouldn’t be able to see what I entered and so you’d have your own set of data.
So in that regard, I guess, if the goal would be to make information private to the user entering it then it could be achieved using that method.  But at this time it isn’t possible since UI fields are the only fields that can be selected.
You can enter a product suggestion here:
Bill Cummings replied 7 years ago

Thanks Patrick,

I’m using extender to populate a single-record table that is on a seperate crystal report. It first clears the table, then adds the record. Then I have extender running a batch file that opens that report with a crystal report generator. In the CR I’ve got that table, which limits the results to a single customer id. I need the user ID, as I have multiple users possibly opening that CR throughout the day. So when the report opens, in only opens for that users entry into the table. If there are alternatives – sure would like to hear of it. 🙂

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