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Need to Process Errors for scheduled map

Sherry asked 9 years ago
We have a map that we currently run manually; the user uses Process Errors window to resolve her errors and resubmit the failed docs.  We are getting ready to set this map up to run on a scheduled basis.  The user wants to be able to use Process Errors after the scheduled run to resolve and resubmit the failed docs like she does when she runs it manually.   Following the instructions in the user manual, I did the following.   In SmartConnect Setup, I marked Keep logs for 3 days in Log Maintenance.  I set a UNC Error File Path under Error Management.   In the map itself, I checked Use Log and checked Log Errors and Log Error Source Data.   When we run the map and it has errors, nothing is going to the error logs folder, and the run is not available for selection in Process Errors.  What do I need to do to get this working?  Thanks in advance!
Sherry replied 9 years ago

Anybody have any feedback?   I need to get this working.  Thanks.

Best Answer
Chris answered 9 years ago
On the latest builds the Log Error Source Data should be the only option that needs to be checked. If a record fails with the marked it will write the failed rows of data to the SmartConnect database, then when the Process Errors window opens it will be saved with the map Id and the run number.

To test it there should be no difference between manually running the map and getting a failed record and then having it scheduled and letting it fail there as well. When running manually do not hit the "Fix" button directly on the map progress window, just close it down and try to get to it from the Process Errors menu like you would after a failure on an automated map.

Sherry replied 9 years ago

No logs are being written.  If we don't hit the Fix button and save, we cannot go back and get it from the process errors menu.  It is not there.  We are still running this manually until we can get logging working correctly.  How do I determine why logs are not beging written?  Thanks.

Chris replied 9 years ago

That would be best served working with our support team as it sounds like something is not working on that specific system compared to how it normally functions.

Troubleshooting with them will work better than the general replies on the forums when trying to track that down.


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