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Need to default item number and item description on extender fields for a window

Octavius Viera asked 6 years ago
I would like to default the item number and description on an Extender window so the user can edit it for their own use.  Right now it auto opens once the user tabs off the item number on the SOP Line Item scroll window and the client would like the item number and description to default on the 2 fields on the Extender window.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
You would need Extender Enterprise and use scripting capability to do this.
Octavius Viera replied 5 years ago

Thanks! We have upgraded to Enterprise and now have this capability. Where would I write the code for the item number and description to default on the Extender field put on the Sales Line Item Scroll. Appreciate the assistance!

Patrick Roth Staff replied 5 years ago

I would put it on the Window Open event in the extender window.

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