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Need help with tennis ball tracking module!

Ethel asked 1 year ago
We are building an AI system for our tennis club. This system is supposed to track the motion of the tennis ball and then calculate player’s score automatically if they win or lose. The idea is to reduce the time that the empire spends on managing tennis score calculation. 
For this system, our developers suggest using the SmartView module integrated with our existing system that is about 70% completed. Now coming to the questions, where can our developers see the full documentation of this module or do you have any expert developers who can help our developers. We really want to make our tennis club scoring system fully automated to enhance the pure match experience.
Looking forward to reply.
Ethel answered 1 year ago
Plus some more information that our AI module (tennis scoring system) not only depends on the ball motion but also the player’s playing techniques. we can provide further detailed information when needed.

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