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Navigation List Preview shows data but published Navigation List is blank

Charlie LeMaire asked 4 years ago
I created a Navigation List that shows all of the expected data in the Preview, but after saving, the actual Navigation List shows no data.  I am doing this as the ‘sa’ user, so it is not permissions-related.  What am I missing?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 4 years ago
Step 1 for anything GP related and especially SLB/NLB is always: enable the Dexsql.log in GP and perform the action.
In this case, what you will most likely see is a “primary key violation” error when NLB tries to insert the data in a ##temp table that GP/NLB uses to store the results for display in the NavList.
The PK of the table is made up of whatever fields you chose for the Primary Table when you made the NavList.
So the preview in NLB will work fine but will fail on execution in GP NavLists due to the non-unique keys chosen.
You’d have to go back to NLB and choose different/more fields to get one that comes out unique per column.  If you have multiple tables on your report that is probably not going to be possible as we only let you choose fields from the primary table as key fields.
So if you have a NLB that is (as an example)
SOP Header
   SOP Line
we would be tempted to use SOP Number/SOP Type – but that’ll still fail if you have multiple line data and can only choose from SOP Header.

you’d have to flip the report around
SOP Line
  SOP Header
Because then we could choose a unique key of
SOP Number/SOP Type/Sequence Number

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