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Navigation List Builder – Navigation Pane doesn't show ISV panes

Jen Kuntz asked 5 years ago
A client is using Wennsoft and wants to create some navigation list but the “Wennsoft Job Cost” navigation pane (for instance) isn’t an option in the Navigation Pane drop down list. This means the users wouldn’t see the navigation list without going to some unrelated navigation pane first. If I chose to add it to Project for instance, they don’t even see that navigation pane because Project isn’t installed. Putting it elsewhere seems odd too (financial, sales, purchasing etc.).
Is this something that is being considered to add to future builds of SLB or perhaps already there and the client is on an older build?
Client is using GP 2013 R2, SLB build 12.00-0080
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
I agree that wouldn’t make as much sense to pick a different list – it would be nice to just add them to that Wennsoft List.
I see what you mean by Project series which i’m not sure if it would show or not if Project wasn’t loaded (it might, didn’t test).  Same goes with Manufacturing.
No, SLB currently has that list of Nav Panes hard coded in its UI.
But you can enter a suggestion here:
To allow it to be able to add to any Nav Pane.
Jen Kuntz replied 5 years ago

Thanks Patrick. I’ll look to add that request!

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