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Navigation List Builder and GP2013 R2

Deb asked 8 years ago
We just upgrade to GP2013 R2. Now when I create a new Navigation list even a very simple one with just a couple of fields, I get an error “Wrong number of arguments to ‘CreateDefaultViewRecord’ ” What can I do to get rid of this?
Best Answer
Patrick answered 8 years ago

Did you also upgrade your SmartList Builder application?

There is a new release for R2, the SLB version for R2 should be 12.0.068.

Diane McGinn replied 5 years ago

The SmartList version the client is working with is 12.00.1722 on GP2013 12.00.1745 (R2). Shouldn’t this SmartList version work with it, as it is a newer version?

Diane McGinn replied 5 years ago

I found it. Thanks!

Diane McGinn replied 5 years ago

I downloaded this update for the error message. It didn’t work. I’m still getting it. Any ideas?

Patrick Roth Staff replied 5 years ago

download the latest version of SLB for that version which is 12.0.086.

I believe you’ll have to uninstall the existing version and make sure the SLBUILD.DIC in the GP folder is also gone before you install the newest version.

Can’t see that this wouldn’t work.

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