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Navigation List Builder – all use of ISV panes on new Nav lists

Jen Kuntz asked 6 years ago
Currently in Navigation List Builder, you are limited to a set of navigation panes which are hard-coded (per Patrick Roth’s response to my forum question). If a client has an ISV or non-core product, my example is Wennsoft Job Cost, you cannot create a nav list for that product’s nav pane. Your choice is either to not use NLB or put it on some completely unrelated navigation pane to make it work.
Nicole Albertson Staff answered 5 years ago
Currently in Navigation List Builder, there are many Defined Actions that mimic some of the default ones on the Navigation Lists included with Microsoft Dynamics GP.   There is also the option to build your own Actions on the lists to open other Forms.  This can be used to open most forms in Microsoft Dynamics GP and any additional products you may have like Wennsoft Job Cost.  There are also action options for Open File, Open Webpage, and Run Drill Down.  If Wennsoft Job Cost has its own Navigation Lists that come with it and they have action, you may be able to build them using the Open Form option or there is an Execute Procedure option that can be used to write code.  I believe Wennsoft does this for some of their SmartList Builder GoTo’s, so they may do it for Navigation Lists as well.
We are working to expose the rest of the Actions that are on the default Navigation Lists that aren’t currently in Navigation List Builder.  Exposing the ones from other products, wouldn’t be something that we would probably build into Navigation List Builder unless there is enough request for them.  These are generally built by the other Products developers and given to the users as imports into the Builder tools.
Jennifer replied 5 years ago

Hi Nicole, I’m not sure if we are talking about the same thing here. My concern is the Panes drop down list when creating a new Nav List does not include 3rd party navigation panes. I want to create a job cost navigation list but would have to put it on some unrelated nav pane like Financial or Purchasing where it doesn’t make any sense.

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