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Navigation List Builder Actions

Arthur asked 9 years ago

Is it possible to add custom actions to the navigation list builder?

For example I see in the standard list that ship with GP you have the email actions but in Navigation list builder you don't?

I know you can record a macro and assign it to the action but then that means only one document can be actioned each time.

Thoughts please…Can it be added as a feature or at least taken as a suggestion?

I know I can build them in Dexterity but who wants to waste time when you can do it in a tenth of the time with Navigation List Builder.

I think Navigation list builder is awesome but I am hesitant to make my users use it when it is limited in that sense…it really has no use with the actions being so limited.

You cannot even transfer a sales document…macro works but again…means one by one when in fact the navigations list are can be so powerful if the actions are supercharged.

Best Answer
martin answered 8 years ago
Arthur – We are hoping that with GP 2015 this becomes possible.  The issue we have is many of the functions you want (tranfering orders is a good example), or printing invoices – is based on dex routines and often dex based temp tables that only get populated when the dex process is run.   So When we try to print invoices from NLB there is nothing in the temp table so there is nothing to print.  This is definately on our list of features.    I ma glad to hear you like using NLB as I still belive it is one of the least utilised features in GP.

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