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Navigation List Builder action URL

Ian asked 8 years ago
  1. I create a custom navigation list of say sales transactions. I add a go to which runs an SSRS report [sales invoice].
  2. I add in the URL of the report, and add the parameters [SOP number and SOP type].
  3. I run the navigation list, select a sales transaction, and click to generate the SSRS report.
  4. Internet Explorer opens, but in the URL, just before the Parameters text, there is a '?' inserted. This causes the report generation to fail since the URL is incorrect.
  5. If I manually remove the '?' from the URL, and click refresh, the report generates correctly.

This happens on any custom navigation list I build, and add SSRS report actions to.

GP 2013 R1.

Best Answer
Nicole answered 8 years ago
Navigation List Builder is using the setup for standard websites. Most websites expect a ? in the URL when passing parameters. For example, with Bing, I setup the URL as and then use the Parameter of q and pass the SOP Number to it. It then searches for the SOP Number in Bing. With SSRS, it requires parameters differently than most websites. Unfortunately, Navigation List Builder isn’t written to pass the way SSRS requires. I will enter a product suggestion to see if we can add an option to allow you to use SSRS reports, but I don’t have any time frame as to when it would be added at this point.
Mike replied 8 years ago

Another vote for this functionality as SRS reports are critical in a GP implementation.

Ian replied 8 years ago

Cheers for the vote Mike!! Its a real embuggerance that it can't handle SSRS URL's.

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