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Multiple Schedule Servers Possible Issue

Carl asked 7 years ago
In our environment, we had multiple active schedule servers. This may cause issues when having a map that uses a real-time folder data source because a real-time folder data source requires that the folder be saved locally on the server executing the map. When we upgraded Smartconnect to 2016 (from 2014), it caused our real-time data folder map to stop working because a different schedule server (where the folder is not located) tried to execute this real-time folder map. After this schedule server tried to execute and failed, the map would continuously try to execute under the same schedule server over and over. 
Is there a way to assign which maps will run under which servers?
Carl replied 6 years ago

In addition, to limit multiple schedule servers to be running at the same time, maybe it would be best to not default the Windows Service to be installed (leave unchecked) when installing the Smartconnect client.

patrick replied 6 years ago

On the SC 2016 install, nothing defaults as marked anymore. You have to mark each individual component you want to install.

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