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multiple periods with same end date

chaztesq asked 10 years ago
Using smartconnect to enter transactions into GP General Ledger.  Works fine until the trx_date is 12/31/XXXX then if either of the 2 periods with that date is closed then it fails with "trx_date falls in a closed fiscal period".  Integration manager version of the integration doesnt have this issue.  Any way around this issue or must we have both periods open?  (dont even go with why we have 14 periods and 13 and 14 have same date)
molsen replied 10 years ago


This is the prebuilt validation check of eConnect – to ensure that date is not in a closed period. I am guessing that IM does that check differently (perhaps sees if it is in an open period – rather than looking to see if it is in a closed period).

Your best bet would be to open both periods for such an integration. Alternatively you are looking at wirting custom nodes for eConnect with different validation rules.

chaztesq replied 10 years ago

Since the users want to make sure data enters the right period they have been closing one, then loading data.  Then they close it and open the other period then load data.  Does nayone know of a way to force the GL tranactions into one period or the other if they both have same date using smartconnect?

molsen replied 10 years ago


You have me on that one – have need had a need to attempt that. I hope someone can help us.

Best Answer
Chris Hanson answered 10 years ago
There isn't anything in the eConnect nodes for directing it to a specific period so that would have to be done with after document tasks updating the tables. I am not sure where all that information is stored at the moment though.


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