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Multiple maps from one source directory

Karen asked 7 months ago

I’m new to SmartConnect and have been asked to investigate if it is possible to have a second file import from the same source directory.  

We currently have map that is running successfully and reading a file from a source directory.  This map imports invoice information into Dynamics GP.  This file name is fairly consistent and always starts with AR.

We want to add a second file into this same source directory.  This map is to import a GL entry into Dynamics GP.  This second file would obviously be a different format than the first.

Is it possible to have two different files in the same source directory and then have two different maps read from this source directory?  Can this be accomplished?  And how?


Carrington answered 6 months ago

Hi Karen,

Yes this is entirely possible.

As long as the fields names and the number of columns are different its very possible to do in SmartConnect.

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