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Multiple installs on one workstation

Lyn W asked 9 years ago
I am working on a test upgrade with a customer, and the users who need to test SmartConnect 2013 are still using the old version in production.  I had hoped I could install a separate instance of SmartConnect on the user workstations (just as we have both versions of GP installed right now) so they could test the upgraded integrations without affecting production, but as soon as I run the installer it wants to upgrade their old version, no option for a new install.

Is there any way around this?  Unfortunately there's really not a terminal server, and it may be confusing and congested to get them to RDP to the test server, though that's what I'll do if there's not another option.
Chris replied 9 years ago

The only time you can have multiple installs on one machine is if they are the same version, and it really isn't multiple installs for the client machine but rather the sql server backend.

What I mean by that is you can install SC and use one SQL server during the install – which is where the SC database will be created. Then you could run the installer again and point it at a different SQL server during the installation process.

If you kept the passwords and credentials the same during the install process you could then log into either server from that one client and it would be 2 separate instances of SC. But this doesn't work when the versions are different like in your scenario.


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