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Multiple Installations of SmartConnect Program

Deanna asked 6 years ago
We would like to install SmartConnect onto the same server, 2 times.  One will be to connect to our live database and the other to our test database.  How can this be done?  If we run the installation again, we are being asked to modify the original install or remove the original install.
In other 3rd party programs that we use, we use an .MSI file with a .INI file to allow the install to be performed in multiple destination folders.
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 6 years ago
You can actually only have one install of SmartConnect on a client machine but it can point to different SmartConnect Database locations. You will need to uninstall the current SmartConnect install, then run the installation again but this time enter the test SQL Server. You will want to make sure you use the same SmartConnect user password as was entered for the production server. 
Once you have this installation complete, when you get to the SmartConnect login, just enter the SQL Server of the SmartConnect instance you want to run, whether it’s the live SQL server or the test SQL server.
Deanna replied 6 years ago

Oh, that is unfortunate. Our users are not bright enough to manage with this option so it won’t work for us.

Thank you for your response

@GP_Beat replied 5 years ago

Hi Lorren,
I’m running into the same issue as Deanna, though I’ve the luxury of being able to separate my LIVE from my TEST environment.. so my question is more : is it possible to have the same version of SC installed twice with the same registration number ?
SC seems to be inable to cope with multiple Dynamics GP connector (one pointing to the LIVE GP data, one pointing to the TEST GP data).. I don’t want to manage 2 separate SC databases, only one, but need to be able to have the option to TEST my maps before switching them into the LIVE data..
I found out that SC is very bad in managing multiple Data connection from within one map.. I tried and the problem is that when you want to remove the links pointing to the TEST GP companies, the maps shows them as removed, but soon as you save the map and return into it, the TEST companies are back (or never really got deleted)… this seems to be bug to me, as the only way of fixing this, is to go into the Connector setup and re-run the data connection wizard, which at this point clears out all the existing one in the maps and replaces them by the new connection .. which is not what is exepected.. kind of defeats the purpose of being able to test your maps during dev stage.

I created multiple staging groups for my maps to differentiate the status of maps, but without creating duplicated copies for TEST, it doesn’t seem to work too well.

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