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Multiple Description fields in Lookup

Frank G asked 8 years ago
I want to be able to have a lookup for an employee ID with the Employee name as the Description field.  When I select Payroll Master I can select EmployID as the field but there is no way for me to get the whole name.  I was thinking of creating a SQL view but it doesn’t look like I can point an Extender lookup to SQL it appears to have to be a dexterity record.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 8 years ago
I don’t see how you’d be able to do this via a custom lookup.  As you note, we only let the user choose one field and in GP the employee name is multiple fields.
However, if instead of using a custom lookup – why not just choose “Employee” as the lookup?  If you do this, the lookup then would open the standard GP Employees lookup which has ID + last name + first name.

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