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Multicompany Extender window

Jothikrishnan Narasimmaraj asked 4 years ago
Can you please add an option to save an Extender window as Multi Company without needing to export import on each company. If I customize something for Project Card have to copy to each company. If I add something to System windows like User setup, have to copy to each company or i have to go back to the same company if I’m working on something on another company. Otherwise, provide an option to export/import one window not the entire solution.
Nicole Albertson Staff answered 4 years ago
We do currently have a suggestion to be able to transfer a Solution from one company to another without having to export and import it.  We don’t have a timeline on when it might be included though.
As far as customizing an existing window, there really isn’t a great way to take what is changed in one company and updating another existing window in another company.  The windows are two completely separate windows and we cannot guarantee that the changes in one company would work in another company to automatically apply them without breaking the window or the data entered for the window.  So, on an existing window, you will need to make those changes in each company.
For your example of a system window, you would always want to modify it in the same company. It is stored specifically in that company.  If you have the same window in another company, it technically would be a different window, so any modifications there wouldn’t work in the other company.  All of this is because Extender is company specific.
As far as the export/import of a window instead of a solution, this is how Extender used to work.  It was changed to the Solution method because of how multiple resources can be linked together and if you don’t get all the resources that are linked together, the windows will not function properly.  Therefore, you need to bring the whole solution.  Also, if a window already exists in a company, your import of the solution (or window, if that was an option) wouldn’t bring in the changes as it won’t overwrite/update and existing window for fear of breaking existing functionality.
I hope this helps explain why Extender is doing what it does, but please let us know if you have other suggestions.

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