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Multi Data Source with Excel template?

Steve Endow asked 5 years ago
Is it possible to use the Excel templates with a SmartConnect map that uses Multi Data Source?  We are looking to use Multi Data Source to have an Excel data source and a GP query data source and join them.
My understanding is that since the Excel template calls the SmartConnect web service, the data sources defined in the map are not actually used, and that only the data submitted from Excel can be processed–so I’m assuming that any additional sources defined in a Multi Data Source will not work.  Is that accurate?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Steve,
Big fan of your work and your blog!
Yes you are 100% correct.  When you pass in the data via the web services, it entirely replaces the source data from the map itself.
So without sending in the “extra source data” from the multi datasource queries – your map would (try to) run the map without that data since it won’t be queried.
Steve replied 5 years ago

Hi Patrick, thanks for the quick response!

This customer runs almost all of their maps using the Excel templates, so unfortunately they won’t be able to utilize many of the source data features of the maps.

I’ll try some script in a calculated field on the destination map as an alternative.


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