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Multi Bin Transfers

jppowers asked 9 years ago
I want to use SC to automate inventory transfers between bins. The map does not contain 2 required fields. The MSDN Reference shows Bin_Xfer_Doc_Number & Bin_Xfer_date as required elements but in SC they are not in the node. Without those required fields the map can never run.
Lorren replied 9 years ago

What version of Dynamics GP are you looking at JP?

jppowers replied 9 years ago

We are on GP 2013 (12.00.1343)

jppowers replied 9 years ago

Is there any further info here ???

Best Answer
sueconrod answered 9 years ago
Just looked and if you look at the Inventory Transfer it includes the following nodes:  Create Item, Assign Serial #, Assign Lot, Add line item, AA Distribution, Assign bin, create Inventory Transfer. 

If you look under the Create Inventory transfer you have you Dates.  You also have your bins to be transfered to. 

You don't need to use all of the nodes that are included.  But it looks like you are only looking at the Bin Transfer node and not at anything else.  BTW, I am on GP 2010 SP3 but using Version 2013 of SmartConnect.

jppowers replied 9 years ago

Hi Sue

I want to use the Multi Bin Transfer, not the Inventory Transfer, every day we will have multiple moves of items from one bin to another. Are you currently sucessfully moving items from one bin to another using the inventory transfer as opposed to the multi bin transfer ?

Lorren answered 9 years ago
JP,  Can you send me your email address?  It does look like we need to update the node and I will let our development team know.  In the mean time, i have a file to send you that you can import into Node Maintenance.
jppowers replied 9 years ago

Hi Loren

I am using the instructions you provided in a direct email and I can create a multi-bin transfer if there is only 1 record in the CSV file. I am going to have 1 CSV file per day with multiple records in it of each multi-bin transfer that needs to be created. If I have more than 1 record in the file I get an error that the record exists in GP when it attempt to process the 2nd record of the file. GP Multibin only allows 1 transfer per record, ok, I can deal with that. We discussed using a custom rolling column b/c SC does not have the Multi-Bin rolling number available yet. How can I get the next rolling number and increment it for EACH record in the file and store the last number used so it starts at the right place for the next days CSV file?

Jothikrishnan Narasimmaraj answered 3 years ago
I need to do multi bin transfer and I still dont see GP Rolling Column for multi bin transfer. Please advise.

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