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MSSQL Lookup

callen asked 8 years ago
I’m thinking I’m missing something obvious. I have a source file with a column named CustomerID. The value should match a value in RM00101.USERDEF2. I looked in the table and saw the value for one of the transactions in the table. The column is defined to use RM00101 as the table, CUSTNMBR as the Return Value, and Return error if no match as the If No Data option. In the Lookup Criteria section, I have the Source as CustomerID, Equal To as the Operator, and USERDEF2 as the target. When the map runs, I get this message: Error in MsGpDestination. Line ‘taSopLineIvcInsert_…’ Parameter ‘Customer number’ Parameter set value event Stopped processing because no translation table match was found. I’d appreciate any help.
Best Answer
callen answered 8 years ago
I figured it out. The cause seems to be that the system was trying to match the entire field values. Since GP has spaces at the end of the value to fill up the field and, maybe the source data does, too, the match was not exact so it was failing. To fix it I created a query and trimmed the USERDEF2 column.
Laurie replied 8 years ago

Hi,  we are running into a similar issue, but how did you create a query from the MSSQL Lookup wizzard? 

Lorren replied 8 years ago


On the MSSQL Lookup window, you can click on the Modify button and use the SQL Query Editor to generate a SQL Statement instead of the generic statement.


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