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MSSQL Lookup vs Calculated field

Sherry Whitten asked 8 years ago
I have a source file that has the document number being paid but no customer ID. I want to import a cash receipt. I should be able to use the MSSQL Lookup field to find the customer number from the RM20101 table, using the document number. I cannot get this to run. I followed these instructions exactly. This is really pretty straightforward and should work, but it either times out or gives me an unhandled exception – out of memory error. I switched and made a calculated field that runs a SQL query, and that works fine; it returns the customer ID. But why won’t the MSSQL Lookup field work? I think it will be far easier for an end user to understand, and I would like to use it.
swhitten replied 8 years ago

No reply to this one? thanks.

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