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MS SQL Real Time Data Source Issue

Guillaume Durand asked 7 years ago
Hello everyone,
I am using SmartConnect
I have set up a MS SQL Real Time Data Source as per eOne’s documentation. I also created a map that uses this real time data source and I registered it. In MS SQL, I can see that the trigger has been well created on my table. However, every time a new record is inserted in the table, nothing happens. The map is not running, even though it is register for “Create”.
I enabled logging for the web service. When I tried to manually run my map through the web service (using the /runmap/my_map_id request), I could see the run attempt in the Request Logs and in the Activity Logs (plus the Run Number counter increased by one). However, when I execute the eOneMssqlRealTimeStoredProcedure stored procedure in MS SQL (to replicate the trigger), I don’t see anything in the Web Service Logs and nothing is happening in SmartConnect, even though MS SQL does not return any errors…What am I missing? I have a feeling that the trigger is not able to pass the “Create” event to the web service, so it cannot run my map, but I am not sure where to look for additional errors/logs…
Note: My source database is on a SQL Server 2016 instance.
Thank you in advance!
Guillaume Durand replied 7 years ago

One small correction : My source database is on a SQL Server 2014 instance, not 2016, sorry about that !

Guillaume Durand replied 7 years ago

It looks like I am in the same situation as Alejandro in the following thread :

Lorren Zemke replied 7 years ago


Check on these things.

1. You have SmartConnect installed on the SQL Server correct?
2. In the Generic Connector Setup in SmartConnect, you have the SmartConnect WCF Service listed? It should end in SmartConnect.svc
3. The SQL machine can browse to the SmartConnect WCF Service
4. You have the .NET CRL enabled in SQL?


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