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MS SQL Lookup

Davel asked 9 years ago

I am trying to process a receivings transaction using an MS SQL Lookup for the account number on the Add Distribution node. The issue that I am facing is that the field is not always populated and i am getting an error give the reference number of 4612 invalid account index.

Has anyone come accross this before or have any suggestions?

Michelle replied 9 years ago


Econnect requires either that you provide all of the accounts or none of the accounts.  i imagine that you are looking at either the inventory or vendor cards for the accounts.  The only suggestion that i have is to 1) provide all of the accounts in your source file 2)clean up the cards so accounts exist for all records 3) Include in your script a default value if an account does not exist and have accounting review the accounts to make any necessary changes prior to posting.  The value stored in account settings for fields without a value is 0.  Account index 0 does not exist in the GL00105 table.  You could test for that value and provide a default account if that happens.

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