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Moving SmartPost to a new workstation

Pieter du Toit asked 4 years ago
I want to move our current SP installation from an old Win 7 workstation to a new Win 10 workstation.  The SQL side will stay the same.  It looks like the installation wants to do a full new install instead of just being able to do the client side.  Should I delete the SQL SP user and set everything up from scratch again?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 4 years ago
There isn’t a “workstation install” vs “server install”.  SmartPost tries to create the sql user on every install.
To install on a 2nd machine, just install as you did before and put in the same password that you did on the previous machine.
If you don’t remember it, you can just go to SSMS and change in in SSMS and then use that on the install.
I’m not sure if the installer will try to create that user and fail or else be smart and realize it exists and just not (but it won’t change the password on its own either way) do it.
But either way, you’d have the correct password since you just changed it to your know value.
Otherwise, you COULD just drop the smartpost user in SQL and let the install recreate it but I wouldn’t bother, just reset the pwd as necessary if you don’t recall it.
kelsien answered 3 years ago
Thank you very much for the very detailed help!

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