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Moving SmartConnect

johnellis asked 10 years ago

Very frequently, GP needs to be moved from one server to another.  I have done that, for years but not with SmartConnect in place.

OK.  If you have SmartConnect 2012 on one server and you want to move it to another server that also has the same version of SmartConnect 2012, can you not simply (a) copy a backup of the SmartConnect database and restore it onto the new server and (b) run scripting to update the necessary tables in the database to point to the new SQL instance?

Just now, I had to export dozens of XML files from SmartConnect on the old server and import them into SmartConnect on the new server.  I would think that copying and restoring a backup of the database would have been a much easier and efficient process.


Best Answer
Chris Hanson answered 10 years ago

You can do a backup and restore, you just need to make sure the passowrds get restored correctly and the destination tables are updated afterwords. That said, it isn't the supported method of moving SC.

The supported way is to export/import what you need across however it should all be in one file. When you go to the export you can check every option for the contents you want exported and as long as you don't mark the option to split out the files it should be created in one.

If you do happen to have multiple files, you can shift-click them in the import select file window to grab all the files at once too.

johnellis answered 10 years ago
Excellent!  Thank you, Chris!


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