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Moving SmartConnect to new SQL Server

Joseph Markovich asked 6 years ago
I have read multiple posts in the forum about moving SmartConnect from one SQL Server to another.
We are planning to migrate to new hardware and SQL Server 2014 (from 2012). Could you give me the definitive answer of how to move everything related to SmartConnect?
Thank you.
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 6 years ago
The supported method for moving SmartConnect to a new server is to create a brand new install of SmartConnect on the new server. Then you can export components from the old server, and import them into the new server.
Jed Perlowin replied 6 years ago

When moving to a new SQL server, we exported/imported the maps. However, we are using a SQL Validation Pre-Task and when I change the SQL Server, it wipes out my query. The query is next to impossible to create. It’s not complicated I just don’t know how to use your interface to create it. The query is: SELECT RTrim([GL00105].[ACTNUMBR_1]) + RTrim([GL00105].[ACTNUMBR_2]) + RTrim([GL00105].[ACTNUMBR_3]) + RTrim([GL00105].[ACTNUMBR_4]) AS [Account] FROM [GL00105]
How can I type this in? The interface INSISTS on enclosing this in quotes!

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