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Moving and Upgrading SmartConnect

johnellis asked 9 years ago
Hello: Tomorrow, we will be conducting a GP 2013 test upgrade for one of our customers who is currently on GP 10.0. I do not have access, yet, to the customer’s current environment to see what version of SmartConnect they have. But, let’s assume that it is SmartConnect 10. I read somewhere that the best way to move and upgrade SmartConnect is to upgrade it in its current environment and then move it to an environment with that same upgraded SmartConnect version. I have a concern about taking this route, though. I really don’t want to take a chance on “harming” their current GP 10.0 environment. So, I’d prefer not performing a SmartConnect upgrade in their current live environment. Is it at all possible to simply export their maps from their GP 10.0 environment, import those maps into their new GP 2013/SmartConnect 2013 environment, and conduct the upgrade using those means? Thanks! John Ellis
Best Answer
Lorren answered 9 years ago

You cannot export the map from Smart Connect 10 and import it into 2013.  You need to upgrade the 10.0 version, provided it is, to Smart Connect 2012.  Then you can export the maps and import them to 2013.

Since 10.0 is still in the Dynamics databases, you will have a backup of them when you backup GP databases so you shouldn't be "harming" them.

Also, I highly recommend not moving the Smart Connect database but always using the Export/Import method.

johnellis answered 9 years ago
Thanks, Lorren, for your excellent answers! John

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