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Move and Upgrade asked 10 years ago

Hypothetically, if a client has an older version of GP and SmartConnect on one server and were getting ready to move the data to a new server with either GP 2010 or GP 2013 and SmartConnect 2012, what would be the process of copying and upgrading the SmartConnect data?

In this scenario, let's say that the version of SmartConnect on the old server were, say, 10. 

David replied 10 years ago


If the version of SmartConnect on the old server is 10, I would update SmartConnect on their old server first.  You can go straight from 10 to the 2012 version.  (As long as they are on at least 10.0.0051). 

Then install SmartConnect fresh on the new server.  Then export the maps from the old server and import them into the new server.  The reason the import generally works better is that during the import, it will automatically adjust the server names for you. 

If you just move the database across, all the maps will still point at the old SQL server and you will need to pull up each and every map individually and change them to point to the new server.  If you have only 1 or 2 maps and one or 2 companies, it's not a big deal, however if you have 30 maps and 15 companies, it would take a long time to pull open each map and adust the SQL server name for 30 companies in each map. 


Best Answer answered 10 years ago
Thank you, David!


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