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More Fun with Moving SmartConnect

johnellis asked 10 years ago

I'm setting up SmartConnect 2012 in a test environment.  I have imported the xml files from SmartConnect 2012 in the live environment and have added the users and security.

Although the maps and GP connector are successfully pointing to the company database on this test server, I'm having trouble setting up the MSSQL Server defaults.  It tells me that the specified database does not exist on the SQL server.

Umm, sorry, Mr. SmartConnect.  But, it does!

How do I get rid of this nonsensical error?

Thanks!  Again, very much appreciated!

Best Answer
johnellis answered 10 years ago
Today, I did not get this error.  It appears that not all of the databases had been restored by the other consultant, prior to today.

So, disregard.  🙂


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