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Brian asked 4 years ago
I’ve added a new Extender Window to the Customer Maintenance window.  Can the Extender fields be added directly to the customer maintenance window using Modifier?  If so, will the fields be listed under global fields, local fields, or rm_customer_mstr?  Will the fields be the identified with the same names that I used in Extender?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 4 years ago
No, Extender fields don’t exist as fields in that sense.  Our fields are “String132”, “String30” and we just label them as “Your Field Name” on the UI.
But either way, Modifier doesn’t support adding “global fields” to a window.  You can typically only add the main table fields (if not there) or “local fields”.
So you could add local fields onto the window and label them how you’d like.  However you’d then have to write VBA/VSTools code to do CRUD operations on the fields and the underlying Extender data table fields.
But if you were going to that, you wouldn’t need Extender at all. You would just make your own tables in SQL and maintain that data.

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