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Modified Smartlists display twice when setting up reminders.

Kirk Livermont asked 7 years ago
I modified the sales transaction smartlist last week and now when users are setting up reminders this smartlist is displayed twice. It is also displayed twice when looking at the security for the smartlist which is listed as fixed in the 12.00.0082 build (I am still running 12.00.0075). Does anyone know if installing the newer build will also fix the issue of the lists displaying twice when setting up reminders?
Thank you,
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
No it won’t.  On my GP 2015 SLB, I went to the Custom Reminder window and made my own “custom” reminder and used the SmartList Favorite lookup.  In it I can see the Receivables Transaction SmartList and my own “modified” Receivables Transactions* Smartlist.  So it still does show both.
Since that happens on mine, would expect 2013 to behave the same way also.
Notice that I said “Receivables Transactions*” with the * at the end.
Whenever I “modify” a GP smartlist like this, I always change the name to add the * on the end.  That way I know that I modified it.  And it would work well for me since in this lookup now I can differentiate the two.
Either way though, i’m pretty sure that the GP one always comes first and so you’d know which one to pick when using the lookup.
Kirk Livermont replied 7 years ago

Hi Patrick,
Thanks for the quick response and suggested solution. It seems like it should work fine for us.

Best regards,

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