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modified SmartList results in SmartView error

Kevin asked 8 years ago
Added a table to an existing SmartList in SmartList Builder 12.00.0068.  

When I run the list in SmartList, it runs fine.  However when I attempt to launch an existing favorite in SmartView 12.0.25 I receive a syntax error. However, creating new favorties work fine.

Removing the added table from the SmartList does not resolve the issue.

Error message: Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'from'. Incorrect syntax near 'T1'.

From a SQL trace:
 SET FMTONLY OFF; SET FMTONLY ON;select top 1000 T1.[CMPNTSEQ] K1, T1.[LNITMSEQ] K2, T1.[SOPNUMBE] K3, T1.[SOPTYPE] K4,  from (select * from slbSalesOrderLines with (NOLOCK)) T1  where  …

It appears the process this is building the query is not surfacing columns after the T1.[SOPTYPE] K4 column. The comma after K4 throws the error.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
Best Answer
Jared answered 8 years ago
We are working on a new release that deals with the SQL scripts being generated incorrectly in some situations.  If you would like I can send you a link to a beta build.  Send an email in to and I can provide you a link to download or you can check back on our downloads page for the new release.
Bill U. replied 8 years ago

Has this been fixed yet?  I thought I Was running the neest version, but am encoutnihgn the same error.

The offending SQL statement is :

SET FMTONLY OFF; SET FMTONLY ON;select top 10000000 T1.[POPRCTNM] K1, T1.[RCPTLNNM] K2,  from (select * from svReceivingLine with (NOLOCK)) T1  SET FMTONLY OFF;

Throws the same error as noted above.

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