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Mixed list values in Extender List type

Alejandro asked 2 years ago
Hi, I’m having problems with List data type in Extender.
I don’t why the list values defined for one field overwrite the list for another field previously defined.
What I’m seeing in EXT20010 table is that there are many records with the same value in Extender_List_ID column, I think that each row in this table must have a different Id number.
The first time I saw this was in GP 2015, but again in GP 2018R2 it is happening again.
I think it is a serious bug because it corrupts the data already inserted.
Thank you in advance if you have any solution for this.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
Yes, you are correct.  In the EXT20010 any type of “List” field would be defined there and the List_ID value should be unique for each list field.  If not, then each Extender List Field with the same List_ID would then share the same field list.  So that could be convenient if you have multiple fields that you WANT to share the same field list items – but isn’t typically what you want and certainly not what we’d expect to see here.
I tested this to see if I could reproduce the issue on my Extender 18.3.77 version and I could not.  If you had steps that you could consistently reproduce this (or at least semi-consistently) you could send an email to support and we could work through it and then I assume write a bug since this wouldn’t be expected behavior.
From where you are now, you are likely going to have to fix them yourself:

1. make a backup of the company (or at least the EXT20010 table)
2. Hand-edit the List_ID field for your items that are duplicates and make them unique.  Now at that point, you’d be able to re-enter the “new” list items in the Extender UI and they would be unique per field/list at that point.
Alejandro Lopez replied 2 years ago

Thank you Patrick,

I’ll try to reproduce the error, I’m not clear when it happens.


Alejandro answered 2 years ago
Hi Patrick,
I have not been able to replicate the error yet, but, I found that the mix occurs between lists of fields that belong to different types of windows (Normal EXT20100, Extra EXT20201 or Additional EXT20100). It didn’t occur between fields that are in the same window type.

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