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Missing stored procedures for the GP Intercompany Node

Leh asked 2 years ago
I am designing the map for Dynamics GP GL Transaction with Intercompany and was using the eOne Intercompany Node.
When I ran the map, I received the error messages that both E1_GL_INTERCOMPANY_HEADER and E1_GL_INTERCOMPANY_LINES are missing.  I checked the company databases and confirmed that none of the company databases has the two stored procedures.
How can I recreate these two stored procedures? 
Best Answer
Leh answered 2 years ago
Please disregard.
I was able to run the system maintenance by creating a copy of the DYNAMICS database to a different database name and repointed the Dynamics GP Connector to the new database.
I had to manually run an update script as shown below to make it work. 
UPDATE SmartConnect.dbo.[MsGpConnector] SET [DynamicsDbName] = ‘New Database Name’ 

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