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Missing Security Tasks after upgrade to GP2013R2

@GP_Beat asked 8 years ago
We just completed our upgrade from GP2010R2 to GP2013R2 (12.0.1920). After the upgrade I installed SmartList Builder 2013R2 (build 12.00.0086) to upgrade the embedded SmartList builder from the GP installation media (which seems to be the build 12.00.0084). 
According to the SL builder 2013 manual, there should be a set of new security tasks created (no role, just tasks) that can be used to add to existing or custom security roles in GP, but other than the one Task I had created way back in GP2010 to provide a controlled access to the SLB, there are no new security objects that were created…
Question: is there a script that should be run after the upgrade ? shouldn’t the upgrade take care of this  ?  We own the GP Power Tools and technically I could create those missing security tasks, but I don’t wanna miss anything that may not be obvious in the setup.. Or did I miss the fact that we should create those tasks from scratch by following what’s written in the SLB manual ?
Thanks for providing some insights about this.
Jared Dux Staff answered 8 years ago
On GP2013 SmartList Builder does not create any security tasks or roles with the installation.  These tasks need to be set up manually to allow security to certain parts of SmartList Builder.  The manual online shows an example of setting up the minimum security tasks needed to use SmartList Builder.
@GP_Beat replied 8 years ago

Hi Jared,
Thanks for the confirmation, that’s what I feared… I think that for a next upcoming release, it should be fairly easy to add a SQL script to add those default Tasks… that would save quite a bit of headache and time during the upgrade, which already is certainly stressful for many GP admins.

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