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Missing SC9400 table

bushman4 asked 10 years ago
I am trying to troubleshoot Real-Time maps with GP.  I am using this new document to do so:

The problem is, when I try the fourth step it fails because there is no SC9400 table in my DYNAMICS database.

Did I miss something on set-up?


bushman4 replied 10 years ago

I think I figured it out… I think that table is only used for maps that use extender?  Sound right?

New problem… I can see the map firing by watching SQL profiler connected to the SmartConnect database when I update the customer… but the stored procedure that I have set as the "destination" never fires.

How can I track what is going on?  There are no events in the SmartConnect event log (now that I have fixed the web service URL…)

Thanks for the help,


Best Answer
Chris Hanson answered 10 years ago
For the sc9000 series tables, they should be created when system maintenance is run in SmartConnect and then the Resource Cache is ran through the SmartConnect menu inside of GP.

For tracking what is occurring you can turn on both logging and debugging settings under the options tab of any map and see what steps SmartConnect is taking during a map execution.

bushman4 replied 10 years ago

I re-ran the system maintenance and re-ran the resource cache process but still have no SC9400 table.

I have other SC9000 series tables, just not the SC9400 mentioned in the stored procedure in the quoted article.

Does anyone have an SC9400 table?  Or is that a typo in that KB article?



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