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Migrating from GP10 to GP2013-SP2

hbatista asked 9 years ago
Hi, we are migrating from GP10 (ver 10.00.1502) to GP2013-SP2 (ver 12.00.1482) and I'm really new with these of Extender from eOneSolutions (we were working fine with Microsoft Extender). We were using Dynamics GP Extender 10.00.0093 and now on my new server GP2013 we have Dynamics GP Extender 12.00.0088. We had exported all objects from Extender GP10 and when I'm trying to import it on GP2013 I receive a message "This import file is for another version of Extender", so, how can I restore or use my old extender data on GP2013? thanks in advance
Mhuff replied 9 years ago

If you did an upgrade of the database, there is an upgrade Extender window under tools/extender/maintenance.

I found that I needed to update the views after upgrading the data, since the table structure changed somewhat between the GP version and the eOne version. 

Hope this helps

Larry replied 9 years ago

We currently work in GP10.0 and I have GP2013 setup in a test environment.  I exported gp10.0 extender and when i try to import them into GP2013 I get this error:   "import file is for another version of Extender" 

Best Answer
Nicole answered 9 years ago
You cannot import setups from Extender 10 or 2010 into Extender 2013. If you need to get them in the system, you would need to update GP from 10 to 2013 and then run the Extender update to get them into the 2013 system. Otherwise, you would have to set them up again.
Larry replied 9 years ago

I would do that but I don't see notes as a option in gp2013

Nicole answered 9 years ago
The Notes in 2013 are under the Windows option. There is a Window Type drop down that includes Notes. When you update, the Notes that you have in 10 or 2010 become a Window with the type of notes.
Larry replied 9 years ago

We will not be upgrading Extender, it will just be a fresh install in GP2013.

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