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migrate data from smartconnect 10 to smartconnect 2012

dipalbpatel asked 10 years ago

I have installed Smartconnect 2012 in development environment. How can I copy smartconnect 10 database to smartconnect 2012?

One way I know is – to copy backup of database and restore it into development environment.

But i am just thinking if there is any change in table structure or any extra tables in 2012?

Thanks in advance
Ankur replied 10 years ago

Hi dipalbpatel,

I think you can restore the Smartconnect 10 database to the development enviroment, where you have SmartConnect 2012 installed. Run the upgrade for Smartconnect in the development environment to update the database.


Best Answer
Chris Hanson answered 10 years ago
The table structure used in SmartConnect 10 (10.00.51 and earlier) are much different than the current version (SmartConnect 2010,2011, or 2012).

So if you need to upgrade from one version to the next you will need the tables from SC 10 on the server – they are all stored in the company databases. And then you will need to install the new SmartConnect 2012 which will create the SmartConnect database which is what is used currently.

When you finish the setup inside of SC 2012 you will need to run the external upgrade.exe to move the data from the old tables to the current version. This process will only work from SC 10.00.51 so if you are on an even earlier version you will need to upgrade to that first.

The whole upgrade process is documented on our site and should be in the main user manual as well.


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