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Microsoft .Net Installation Services Utility Has Stopped Working asked 10 years ago

Just now, I installed SmartConnect 2013 on a GP 10.0 (10.00.1579) Remote Desktop Server (Windows Server 2008 R2).

The installation completed successfully.  But, at about the point where the wizard installed the eConnect Runtime, I got a message saying "Microsoft .Net Services Installation Utility has stopped working".  When I clicked "Show problem details", the phrase "APPCRASH" appeared and referenced RegSvcs.exe.
I chose "Close the Program", yet, the installation continued.

Again, everything ran through fine.

I'm logged on as the SmartConnect service user, which was created in Active Directory as a domain administrator and I made sure that this account resides in SQL as a login with the proper SQL server and GP database role permissions.

Is this anything to be concerned about?

Lorren replied 10 years ago

John,  it may not have totally installed eConnect but the error that came up is an issue on the machine and Windows and not specific to eOne or eConnect installations.  I would say that if you have issues using Smart Connect on that machine when integrating to Dynamics GP the eConnect runtime was not loaded.  Lorren

Best Answer answered 10 years ago
Thanks, Lorren!


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