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Microsoft Dynamics GP Node Maintenance not saving changes

paul asked 9 years ago
I am trying to add a mapping to the USRDEFND1 field (e.g. one the eConnect user-defined fields that get sent to the post procs) within the Create employee node. I have attempted to add the field, applying the directions in this KB article:

 However, although I can click Save in the Create / Update Node window and then see my changes when re-opening that window by double-clicking on the node, after I click Save in the Microsoft Dynamics GP Node Maintenance window and re-open the node, my change is gone. It is also not appearing in the mapping window for an integration.

I am not getting any error messages or any other indication that I am doing something wrong. Anyone have any ideas?

I am using SmartConnect version with SmartConnect Dynamics GP Connector version for GP 12.
Best Answer
Chris Dew answered 9 years ago
It has been logged as an issue with the release and we have already tested the fix for the new release coming out later this month. For now we can insert the values into SQL directly.
In the script below you can change the descriptions to whatever you want for the user defined fields. The example script here is specifically for Binary Stream MEM.
INSERT INTO SmartConnect..[Field] VALUES('USRDEFND1','taCreateEmployee',(select MAX(ParameterNumber)+1 from SmartConnect..Field where Node='taCreateEmployee'),'Pay Facility ID','String',0,'taCreateEmployee')
INSERT INTO SmartConnect..[Field] VALUES('USRDEFND2','taCreateEmployee',(select MAX(ParameterNumber)+1 from SmartConnect..Field where Node='taCreateEmployee'),'User ID','String',0,'taCreateEmployee')

Janeece Moreland replied 7 years ago

Please tell me where the smartconnect node scripts are for MEM. Thx

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