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Message about required fields asked 9 years ago
I have several Extender windows.  Some are connected to GP purchase order windows and some are connect to Sales Order Processing windows.

A user experienced an odd message in Sales Transaction Entry.  I have a window that is set to open automatically when the user tabs off the Item Number field. 

When he pressed <tab>, he got a message that not all required fields have been entered for the PO Line Item window.  We logged out of GP and logged back into GP and still got the message.

On the same machine, I logged into GP as a different user and the problem did not occur. 

I logged back into GP as the first user and the problem occurred.

I've seen this behavior on the client's system at other times. 

They are using GP 2010 R2 with Extender Standard (as part of their GP purchase).

Nicole replied 9 years ago

Generally when you see a message like this, you will find that the user has access to something more that needs to be done to populate everything.  The user that works may not have the same security.  There are a couple of things you can look at.

1.  Does another user get the message as well if they have the exact same security as this user?
2.  If you remove the auto open, is the user able to open the window as soon as they tab off of the Item Number?
3.  When you look a the Sales Transaction Entry window, are the fields that you are using for you Key Fields populated for this user?

If you are unable to figure out what is going when looking at the above questions, it may be something that would be best entered as a support case so that we can take a look at the setup of the window and environment.

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