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MEM – Account Substitution Functionality

Lyndy asked 8 years ago
I am importing into the POP Receivings Transaction Entry window (Group = Purchase Order Processing and Node Type = Receivings).  I am using Binary Stream’s Multi-Entity Management software in my system.  I just mapped “Create Receipt” and “Add Line Item.”  I also added the User Defined field to populate the Entity ID in the MEM window.
Everything works great except for the PAY distribution account.  It defaults to the PAY distribution account specified in the Master Postings window.  The problem is if a user were to manually enter this transaction into GP, GP would override the default PAY distribution account and substitute the default Entity segment with the Entity that owns the transaction.  For example, if the Master Postings window showed 000-2100-00 as the AP account where the first segment represents Entity, I would expect the distribution for an Entity 100 invoice to default to the following account:  100-2100-00.  Right now, when I run my map for Entity 100, it is incorrectly displaying 000-2100-00 as my AP account.
Obviously, the trigger I need to call to make this Account Substitution occur is not being invoked when I import my transaction from SmartConnect.
How can I build this logic into my SmartConnect map?  Thoughts?  Thank you!
Lorren Zemke answered 8 years ago
You can create a SQL Command Task on Document Success to update the correct table for the account substitution. If it would be quite involved, you might consider creating a stored procedure that could be called from the SQL task. You would have to know exactly which distribution record is going to be updated and set those value in the where clause or stored procedure call.
Lyndy replied 8 years ago

Makes sense. Thank you for the reply Lorren!

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